Masks have become one of the essential things these days. It is because of the pandemics and some of the most contagious diseases that can spread through air droplets. Hence, it becomes necessary for doctors to wear disposable surgical masks all the time. Initially, only the doctors wore masks to protect themselves from infections from the patients, but these days, it is essential for everyone to wear masks. The disease-causing virus and the pathogens

With the constant stream of news articles and social media posts about Corona Virus (COVID-19) its hard to keep up with the current advice on protective measures. Recommendations about preventative measures vary wildly between countries and states. Some countries are in complete lockdown, while others have kept bars, schools and shops open. Some countries are enforcing masks be worn in public while others claim they have no effect for the general population. However, more and more countries, and even the WHO, are admitting

  WHAT IS A KN95 MASK? KN95 masks are classed as a filtering face-piece respirator (FFR). These can also be called disposable respirators. FFRs are subject to regulatory standards around the world. These standards are recommended by health authorities during a pandemic or emergency as the standards full-fill physical properties and performance that satisfy clinical health and safety requirements. The following specifications are listed to help clarify similarities between different FFRs with the same regulatory standard: KN95